Our Inspiration
        We were inspired by the beauty and ambition of the hardworking women of Thailand and sought to create a brand that reflected their diligence.
        Our jewelry is inspired by working women and how independent and bold they are. Women are so willing to take risks, go out on limbs, and do whatever it takes to provide. Women are creative, they’re passionate, and they’re relentless.
        Growing up, we saw strong women leading families, working jobs, and doing many other difficult tasks while getting little to no recognition for it. Women are the ultimate multitaskers, juggling so many things at once. They pour their all into multiple projects and work until they get it done.
        The softness and elegance wrapped up within the blood, sweat, and tears that encompass the modern working woman is exactly what our brand was inspired by. This is what we pour into every single piece of jewelry that we create and with every box that we ship out, the hearts of millions of working class women go out with it.
        We are inspired by bold and courageous women. They are the ones that keep the world afloat! Whether you’re wearing our diamond earrings, necklaces, or rings, you can look at them and know that they were inspired by a long line of hard working women!
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