Our Story
        Buy Jewels is a carefully crafted jewelry boutique for the independent woman, the trend setter, the dreamer, and the romantic.
        The world is imploding with tons of big corporations and jewelry chains, but we always struggled to find any that carried fashion forward items. The jewelry business is one that is saturated with overpriced and outdated designs that mimic years past. As most designers put all of their focus into engagement and wedding band concepts, every day jewelry is left as a second thought. While we love beautiful wedding jewelry, most people don’t buy more than one over the course of their life. So why not create a brand that encompasses the everyday jewelry wearer as well?
        I have always loved beautiful pieces that showcase current trends. Stackable rings are some of my favorites and the daintiness of the design makes my heart flutter. When we couldn’t find any that we loved, we decided to make our own. The jewelry that we create is elegant and timeless while also being trendy. We create pieces that are affordable for the everyday woman, as we believe fashion should be accessible to all.
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